Layer on top of background image

If I want an image and text above that, I create a section and give it a background image. Now, sometimes you want a layer on top of that so you can read the headline/text better. Typically, you want to choose a colour and transparency/opacity for that. I tried but only ended up with a layer that gave the same opacity to the text. 1. is it possible? 2. How?

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 11/27/2020 06:54

Is there a way to add an existing module to a Vanjaro page?

As the title says:Is there a way to add an existing module to a Vanjaro page? For instance an ActionForm on Page A reused on Page B The use case at this moment is to be able to manage an ActionGrid. Because Vanjaro and ActionGrid / ActionForm are not yet a combo without issues.

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 11/24/2020 18:16

Responsive font

Currently I see no way to have headings/fonts to be relative.  Usecase: 3 columns with headings like Industry, Agriculture, Medical. On a wide screen this looks good. On smaller screens the columns will get smaller but the fonts do not, so the headings become too wide and disappear partially. I tried to use pixels, % and em.  Is this a bug (and should be logged on github) or something I do wrong?

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 11/04/2020 09:06

How can I center a section?

Hi there I would like to be able to center a section. For example, if I create a section and add an image gallery, it is aligned left. In order to have it aligned center, I now add something like: #ih35yo { text-align:center; } in the portal.css  If there is another way, please let me know.

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 11/03/2020 11:33

define multiple images at once

In the image gallery, I can select multiple images (ctrl-click). But is it possible to edit padding/margin of all selected items at once? Would save a lot of work...

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 11/03/2020 11:35

Language switcher

I have created a multi-language page and would like to add a Language switcher in the Header. I have Unlocked the Global block Header and drag&droped the Language block into the Header. The result is that instead of the Switcher (the operation looks really super easy in your video) I get the Error message - please see in the attached file. Please advise, what am I doing wrong?

Tomaz Tomaz
asked 10/29/2020 09:42

Vanjaro page on a multilingual site

I have created the Vanjaro page on a multilingual site in DNN 9.7 that is not only Vanjaro. The page is localized in other languages but without the content. Is it possible that the content of the page created in Vanjaro is copied automatically (like in other skins/themes) also to pages in other installed languages - ready for translation?

Tomaz Tomaz
asked 10/29/2020 09:28

Install Vanjaro as an extension on Evoq

Hello, Trying to install Vanjaro as an extension on an existing Evoq instance. I just upgraded Evoq to what appears to be the current version (Evoq 9.6.4) and tried to install "Vanjaro_For_DNN_0.5.2_x64_Install" through the Extensions menu, but I receive an error stating that Evoq must be upgraded to 9.7.2. How can I get this version from DNN as 9.6.4 appears to be the current version available. Please advise. Thanks! Doug Belden [email protected]

Doug Belden Doug Belden
asked 10/26/2020 13:24

Define height Carousel

By default the carousel has quite a bit of height. Is there a way to easily: set the height of the carousel? So, not every image individually. I tried to set the height using the navigator and select the carousel but that does not have any effect.  if the images are to big, how can I nudge the up/down/left/right?

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 10/22/2020 19:01

How to define H1, H2 etc

Hi there Where can I define how H1-H6, p etc looks site wide? In the theme editor I only see colours.   

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 10/16/2020 13:20

how to implement something like highlight.js ?

Hi, i am enjoying the vanjaro site! My question I tried to find a way to use highlight.js on my site(s) to show SQL and Powershell code (and LUA), but as non programmer i am missing the knowledge to do so.  seeing  https://highlightjs.org/usage/  i was not able to make it work. (tried dropping in a custom code block, but had no clue how to use it.  is there a 'vanjaro' way to get this working? or an alternative that is good in highlighting the code thingies? kind regards, Paul Fijma  

Paul Fijma Paul Fijma
asked 10/07/2020 15:05

undo for 'migrate this page'

When converting an existing DNN page over to Vanjaro, I don't believe that it's possible to undo the conversion through the admin UI. Is that true? If not, I believe that it should be considered for the release version. The scenario is a client who converts a DNN page and wants to revert, not realizing that it probably means performing a rollback.

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 09/24/2020 23:38

Portfolio with categories

For this new project I need to create a page with portfolio items with categories. And it should be in a masonry with paging. Usually I use EasyDNNNews for this but I was wondering if it would be possible with Vajaro. Because it would be perfect to utilize the image manager of Vanjaro.  

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 09/23/2020 18:39

Positioning elements

If I create a custom block with a bootstrap snippet, how can I copy that block in a way that the copied block will show up on the right of the original? Because by default the copied block will show up below the original.

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 09/23/2020 13:39

Switching to and from Vanjaro mode...

There was a video, which I cannot seem to find any more, that showed how to change a default DNN site to a Vanjaro site in order to utilize all of the Vanjaro features and functions instead of the default DNN ones.  Where is that video, or how do I change a site over to the "Vanjaro mode"? Thanks! Rob

Rob Frierson Rob Frierson
asked 09/21/2020 18:36

Will Vanjaro provide customizable error message templates

Hi, I am currently using DNN 9.1 with several Mandeeps modules and I'm looking at Vanjaro. One of the issues I have with DNN is the difficulty to change the error messages to users. Most of the time they simply see a critical error with no other details. Will Vanjaro provide templates that the SuperUser can access to modify the language for error messages?  Thanks! -Sarai

Sarai Zyzniewski Sarai Zyzniewski
asked 09/07/2020 23:26
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