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Vanjaro Installer makes it super easy to install a new Vanjaro site or upgrade an existing one.


It's easy to install a new Vanjaro site. Let's make sure we have the prerequisites installed.



Download Vanjaro Installer the latest version of Vanjaro Installer (VanjaroInstaller.msi) to create a new Vanjaro site or upgrade an existing one. 


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Mandeep Singh 8 months ago

I was unable to reproduce this error with Vanjaro Installer using the SA credentials. I tried with incorrect credentials and I got "Unable to connect to Database" message. There were no issues when I corrected the credentials.

Looking at the errors, it looks like that the Installer tried to connect using the Windows Authentication instead of the SQL Authentication.

Can you please try again? If the issue persists, please log the issue at along with a screencast if possible. Thanks

Doug Belden 8 months ago

Trying to follow these instructions to install Vanjaro as a new site using the Vanjaro Installer. After specifying a site URL of vanjaro.safeware.local, providing a physical path, pointing to our database server, giving it a database name, and using SQL authentication with sa credentials, I get the below error with "Create Database" in the header of the popup box.

Windows NT user or group 'IIS APPPOOL\vanjaro.safeware.local' not found. Check the name again. Windows NT user or group 'IISAPPPOOL\vanjaro.safeware.local' not found. Check the name again. User or role 'vanjaro.safeware.local' does not exist in this database. Changed database context to 'master'. Changed database context to 'vanjaro_safeware_local'

Please let me know what I'm missing.

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